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Dr Carlos Vaz Ferreira

Educational objectives

  • Analyze how text structure and language features work together to create a text. 
  • Use comprehension strategies to analyse information, integrating and linking information from the input presented in the activities here as well as from different sources. 
  • Use a (word processing) program to edit and publish written text, and add copyright free images and audio features.
  • Identify key achievements in Carlos Vaz Ferreira's life to value how important his legacy is. 
  • Create a literary text (Tanka) to promote Carlos Vaz Ferreira's achievements. 


  • By doing all the following activities, you will learn a lot about Carlos Vaz Ferreira. You will find different types of activities that will introduce you into his legacy.  In the end, you can take a test to check what you have learned about him. 
  • If you work with a teacher, the teacher will correct your Tanka. If you are working alone, you may send your Tanka to and you will get feedback on your production.